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With women before her like Sunny, Sable, and Terri Runnels off our television screens, it was refreshing to see a different kind of Diva who a could actually string along a competent wrestling match, b wasn't the typical bleached blonde to which we had become accustomed, and c could do moonsaults and hurricanranas like a cruiserweight champion. What was there not to love? Though we must divas admit, she was a terrific heel.

If you were a teenage boy during the peak of the Attitude Era, you had a poster of her on your wall. And even if you shared the same chromosomes, you probably wanted to be her. Sorry Sable,but nobody wanted to be you. Lita was so red hot in fact, we thought we might as well throw together a list for our readers.

What better way lita to make your mark in the world of wrestling than by doing a moonsault off the top rope onto the opposite sex? Wwe looking super hot at the same time is how! Cool to note Lita's clothes time rival Trish Stratus would debut the exact same month and both would retire from professional wrestling within a couple months of each other. This tight outfit would stop just about any hot-blooded male from switching the channel. Not that you would switch the channel anyway! Sorry, Lita. Wrong place, wrong time. After a losing streak proved too stressful for Essa Rios, he would blame Lita and eventually turn on her in a way most men did in the Attitude Era -- by being physically abusive.

Surprisingly, the WWE decided to split them up just over three months after debuting. But the one thing most fans would notice was that thong of hers sticking up above the waistline. A new thong every single time.

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Woo hoo, Lita! Your fans certainly thank you for that! They never failed to peek up above that waistline of hers. Eyeing over these countless photos of Lita wrestling as well as the countless backstage photoshoots taken of the babe throughout her career with WWE, we couldn't little bitty pussy free pics but notice something else. How stylish! In the picture above, you'll see what off talking about.

She sure was pretty in pink, wasn't she? The thing that made Lita stand out much more than the other women on the roster was that she was different. She covered up the goods more than any other Diva, yet still managed to bring the sex appeal each and every week. As you can see wwe the image above, Lita still wore that thong high and proud even when delivering moonsaults to finish off her opponents. And look, it matches!

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The image above is actually Lita and Trish Stratus's first time wrestling each other in the ring. And no, Lita didn't win. Lita would compete in just a few Bra and Ripping matches in her career. Quite an impressive feat if you think about it. Lita never lost these matches, and the most we'd see her get stripped to is her bra. But it was a fine sight either way! Still, her fans would not likely have been disappointed to see her in this light a few additional times. The image above would actually be the first ever Bra and Panty match to happen on WWE television, during which time Lita was defending the title against Trish Stratus.

How is that for a history lesson?

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Who would think a simple white tank top and a pair of blue track pants more suited for a year-old boy would look hot on a WWE Diva? As you can see, a backstage photoshoot was required that night because Lita california ladies sex photos nude hot in just about anything she threw on.

Yes, even in baggy lita track pants with horrid yellow pockets. We love you, Lita. Every single Raw, SmackDown, and PPV event, fans would flock to the club to watch live wrestling and most times, a Superstar or Diva would guest host the event. In December ofLita would make an appearance at the club by stripping out of a robe to reveal a Christmas-themed red pair of lingerie that had the club roaring with excitement.

Because, you know, Dean Malenko stood a chance, right? What Lita wore in that hotel was quite possibly one of the hottest entries to make this list. But unfortunately for Malenko, it was all a rouse and instead of sleeping with Lita like he had hoped, he got a champagne bottle smashed over his head by Lita's real boyfriend, Matt Hardy. In earlyLita landed a gig to appear on the hit television show Dark Angel starring the equally sexy Jessica Alba. Why did she take off her top? Because she's Lita!

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In one of the more bizarre story lines clothes occur in Lita's career, Kane would develop a twisted obsession with Lita, which would eventually lead to the Big Red Machine somehow managing to knock Lita up.

How that divas, we do young girls pissing porn want to know. A Edge. Fans were led to believe Lita's real-life ex-boyfriend Matt Hardy was released from the company because of the whole ordeal. In this match at Vengeance, Lita watched as Kane laid waste to her new boyfriend. And as you can see from the outfit she had on, Lita was starting to get a lot more risque.