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Watched Season 6 "Kennedy and Heidi" yesterday.

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I don't remember if Sonya was on an earlier episode or not. She was a "friend" of Christopher, out in Las Vegas. Oh, Marone! What a little Who-ah! Posted By: Skinny Re: Between Juliana Skiffleand Charmaine, id probly pick Maney That blonde stripper that gave naked road head was the hottest naked imo, the rest were nasty.

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HamptonHitMan Re: Originally Posted By: How about the Italian woman that Tony strikes a deal with in Italy. Did he bang her or did he sopranos he banged her? I can't remember. Very HOT! Sofia Milos.

Annalisa on the episode. TonyBoy Re: The three that stand out for me are Hot girls nude bike rideCharmaine, from Older Meadow for sure.

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Adrianna for me! She had such a bod on her! From day one i thought she was super cute! Second would probably be Irena. Third is Gloria Trillo.

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God something the that crazy bitch would get my motor going! IvyLeague Re: Women my opinion, throughout the entire series, no chick looked better then the scene where Chris' girlfriend came out of the bathroom to tell him she was pregnant. The way she looked, the way she was dressed, etc.

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DonNordy Re: LCN Re: Never understood all the attraction to Charmagne. She looks like a bird with that hooked nose. Meadow was too bitchy for me honestly. Not bitchy really, bc i liked Charmaigne. More like just so arrogant she made me wanna puke. Johnny Sacks wife does women for me. Vigil Re: Remember, Svetlana has a "leg up" on some of these beauties noted so far! TonyJack Re: Jamie Lynn Sigler by from, she was a smoke and a half.

Will David Chase ever free his female characters from their sitcom-bound chains?

I always found Carmela to be quite sopranos milf. EastHarlemItal Re: Anyone mentioned the FBI agent that snagged Adrianna? No idea the name. However she was pretty sexy. Looked great when she wore those Jersey style leather pants. Hisenberg Re: MeyerLansky Re: DiLorenzo Re: She's very attractive Dap! LCN doesn't have a nice thing to say about anyone! The Re: BennyFazioCriminalMastermind Re: Hipowered Re: Her roommate yes, played by Ari Graynor http: From yesterday's Daily News.

Meadow looks ready to pop. But pregnancy has sure given her boobs some extra life. SC Re: Is it just me