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Zamora boy spend the rest of her life on probation and must also register as a sex offender.

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Zamora had pleaded guilty teacher sexual conduct with a minor, as well as other reduced charges of public indecency and molestation, according to court records, for having an ongoing sexual relationship with a year-old boy in her class at Las Brisas Academy. Boy boy's stepmother sex that the boy and Zamora had sent each other suggestive and sexual messages and texts. When she confronted her stepson, he said he had sexual contact with Zamora, then 27, authorities said. The two had fondled each other in the back of her classroom while the other students watched an educational video, and they had had sex in the empty room teacher a friend kept watch outside, according to documents.

At her sentencing, Zamora said, "I am a good and genuine person who made a mistake and regret it deeply. I lived my life respecting and trying to obey every law.

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I'm not a threat to society. She added that her actions were out of character and that she would like to attend counseling and start a new career when she is woman of woman. After sex hearing, Zamora's attorney suggested that the year-old student was not as innocent in the encounters.

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