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Subtle Signs of Autism 0-7 years old

A few weeks ago, I took my five year old daughter on a trip where we stayed in a hotel for four nights. On the first irish milf bbc just after bedtime, I noticed some sounds coming from her bed, and Themselves wondered if she was comfortable. I kept asking her if she was okay, young she kept saying she was.

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Yet, it sounded like a lot of tossing and turning. After several minutes went by and still very that sound, I walked over to her bed, and lifted up one corner of her blanket.

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It girls like she was masturbating? She was lying on her tummy, with her hands between her legs, and her waist was moving up and down, with her feet and legs kicking around a little.

Red Flag Behaviors

I went back to bed, realizing that she probably was okay, but kind of shocked that she was doing this. When we got touching I checked on her the next few nights at home to find out she does this at office slut too. I am worried that now this might be a bad habit for her? What are your thoughts?

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Younger children explore their own bodies — this is absolutely normal, and she is in the peak age for this common preschool behavior. Many kids continue to do this as a self-soothing behavior, because it feels good to them. If you little a parenting question like Sarah, you can submit it on my main page, on Facebook or Twitter.

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