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As they reminisced about their past marriage when they were younger, Lauren laughingly reminded Paul of the time nude entered a nude picture of him in a contest. This memory prompted us, here at Soaps.

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The entire debacle of the nude pics started out as nothing more than private fun, but turned into a hugely embarrassing betrayal for her husband. As young newlywed lovers will sometimes do, Lauren and Paul took some naked shots of one another in the bedroom.

Well, as you can imagine, Paul was none too pleased, and after showing them to Lauren, disposed of the pictures entirely — or so he thought. This is where the real trouble started.

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Crafty Lauren managed to save some of the negatives and was compelled to have her favorite one made into a tracy poster, which she presented to her hubby. That should have been enough to make Lauren naked rid of the negatives and wipe her hands of the whole thing, right? It was a humiliating moment for poor Paul when his mother turned up in his office bearing the magazine — opened to the centerfold page bearing Paul in all his glory.

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We bregman all Soaps. No longer in the dark.

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The Young and the Restless. Paul Williams, Centerfold.

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Angel is the centerfold. Originally posted May 7, Refreshed by Christine Fix June 17, Next in News Michelle Stafford's Exclusive Powered by.

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