Tips to having great sex

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These having the hottest tips, sultriest bedroom moves, and most surprising advice so you can having up your between-the-sheets routine. Turns out the best sex tips aren't always about tips sex. A relationship "cannot survive without intimacy," says sexy and relationship therapist Mary Jo Rapini.

Rapini is insistent that "women have got to reclaim [their] sex lives. So, how do you do that? Try getting to know your body even better, by exploring it — with your hands or a vibrator. Rapini suggests a specific little toy that provides clitoral stimulation — the Fiera.

Attach great to your clitoris for fifteen minutes and enjoy. Since it's hands-free, you can even use it during sex or by yourself, to get to know your body. It may sound unsexy, but a huge part of having hot sex is scheduling it. Rapini says this is about prioritizing it. Think about it: If you have a hard time thinking of exactly how to make up crazy positions or how to change up your sex, don't sweat it — the retail world has your back.

Start with some sexy dice that will tell you what to do to each body part.

Enjoying a satisfying sex life

It does the thinking — all you have to do is the fun stuff. Add sex toys to your routine — and use one that's fun for the both of you, like the WeVibe. There's nothing like a little PDA to get things going While it may sound counterintuitive, eyeing a stranger is one of the best ways to boost your libido after a long sex slump, says Barbara Keesling, Ph. And, uh, no one said there's anything wrong with fantasizing about a celeb!

You make a grocery list every week, so why not do the same for your sex life? Make a numbered list great the things you and your husband want to try and set a date for when you want to accomplish those goals by.

You can't revert back to old-fashioned missionary when you're doing it tips a cramped shower stall," explains Morse. It could be as simple as, "Come tuck me in" or "You have homework," but making up a few sexy code words you can text throughout the day can be really beneficial to your relationship. Couples who use just-between-us language are happier in their relationship than couples who don't, according to a study published in the Journal of Social And Personal Relationships.

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Believe tips or not, men do want foreplay action. And we're not just talkin' kissing and oral sex. Turns out, men really love a good game of footsie to get the night started on the right foot. She sex beautiful feet and wears a great of high heels. Well, sort of.

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Start in an upright position with your knees on the ground and your shoulders over your hips. Lean back slowly as you squeeze your abs and glutes. Raise your arms up and sit all the way down so that your butt touches your heels. Then, quickly lift back up, leading with your hips and bringing your arms back sex to your sides. This move not only will intensify your O, but celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser says these movements will help you get more connected with your body and make the whole sex experience feel much more intimate.

If you don't know where to start or the thought of going to a dance class freaks you out, order one of Kaiser's workout DVDs.

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Keeping the A. Kegels aren't the only toning exercise you should be doing to maximize your pleasure down there. Turns sex your abdomen, lower back, and even butt muscles help you better position your pelvis during sex, says Barbara Keesling, M. For example, when you're on your back with your legs bent upwards, your vaginal canal is shortened. Then if you push down with your lower back muscles and use your core for stability, you'll bring the front wall of your vagina down to meet your partner's penis…which basically means ultimate G-spot stimulation.

So…who's up for some planks? Don't know where to start? There are DVDs for that Every couple has a go-to sex move…and it's usually missionary.

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Add a fun twist to the classic position by squeezing your legs together having that his thighs are straddling yours when he enters you. Ever find yourself in the mood after date night but not really in the mood because you just sex a delicious huge dinner? Take matters into having own hands—literally. You'll feel less sluggish and more sexy in no time.

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During foreplay and oral sex, make sure you rest a bit in between all the action. Awkward angles and pain make it hard to actually enjoy giving him a BJ, so don't be afraid to regroup for a few seconds, says Amy Marsh, a Sexy asian naked girl masturbate, CA-based sexologist.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised at what new research has revealed tips just how much sleep deprivation can screw with your, well, screwing. Aside from being too tired to get down to business, the study found that not getting black teen xxx gif sleep affects your ability to get excited down there at all.

Bottom line: The next time your husband laughs at tips fuzzy pink socks that Santa puts in your stocking every year, go ahead and tell him this: One study revealed that a couple's chance of climaxing increases by 80 percent when they're wearing having because they're more comfortable.

So go ahead, leave great puppies on — in fact, get some new, cute ones.