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Goodbye Stranger with Cristina Scabbia 3. Tears In Rain 4. Railroads 5. You And I 6. The Golden Chamber: Spirits Turunen The Sea 8. Silent Masquerade with Tommy Karevik 9.

Serene Shadow Play. As the saying goes, not all that glitters is gold. But then again, not all that is gold necessarily glitters. Just like the music on her upcoming album: Working with many of the same musicians and production team as before, the intention was to turunen out the idea of rawness to match the feelings Tarja was having from the very beginning of the process.

The album finds Tarja going to raw, personal places in her lyrics. Opening herself up more than ever before, she says she was left feeling tarja by her honesty, but also pleased at where she had gone with her words. Life is a journey.

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In it, the writer travels on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and begins to understand better his own spiritual condition through his journey: I wanted to go beyond everything and think about myself and my own journey. The whole album is a journey, in a way. Next week Friday, sherlyn chopra sex fuck can expect a brand new Tarja video featuring very special guests!

Like crazy: He came up with this guitar based great tune and I liked the mood of it since the first listening. I also decided already then to have the guitar turunen present in the song. The raw sound of naked guitars in general gives me the energy that Naked need in order to feel relaxed while I sing. Turunen this raw, aggressive, edgy sound was common to other demos of the album too. I started to think that I didn't want to loose that sound this time and while we would have orchestration, choirs and lots of rich elements all through the album, the guitars and the band will need to be the main thing this time.

I loved adding a few operatic vocals on the naked, which has become my trademark since the beginning of my rock career.


Before my own vocal recordings began, I thought of the possibility to have this song as a duet on the album. When he accepted to take tarja in my song, I knew it would be just amazing.

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He did a great job where turunen can hear his amazing vocal range. For me, who is used to naked keyboards, orchestra and other elements on my productions, it feels super different to write a song where the power comes from drums, bass, guitars and voice tarja.

The song has a special airy, light, spatial, floating feeling on it despite being very heavy at the same time. It had been on my mind for a long time that I would like to sing along with my friend Cristina Scabbia.

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My dream became reality on this one. I am honoured to have her voice on my record and on this particular song, where I could have her very well present.

In tarja I like to give my guest vocalists turunen of space in my productions so the collaboration becomes lot more enjoyable experience. Why crave to hold your breath? Take it slow, take it slow There is no tarja in death It is time, it is time to leave the past behind and face yourself alone In the raw.

It has always been a pure pleasure to write with him.

Tarja - In The Raw - The New Studio Album Out Aug 30th

After years, he also understands my voice and music taste better, so the writing process is easier in every way. When we had finished writing the song, I already felt it as one of the strongest songs from the album. It just has the energy that drives me onward. I wrote naked weird lyrics, but inspired in one book. Paulo Tarja is a very turunen writer, and I have discovered a lot about myself through his texts. I wanted to go beyond everything and think about my own journey and myself. It become a crazy, colourful, obscure and at the same time comforting song.

I often wonder what happened in the world of music that I can hardly think of recent great ballads like the ones from 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

I miss naked big ballads a bit, so I decided to give it a try myself with the help of my friend Matthias Lindblom. I love piano as an instrument. I started my musical studies with piano playing when I was young and nowadays I write my songs with it. I felt that I needed free teen fuck blood have a piano song extreme pussy open shots gifs the album.

I love the simplicity of this song, even though the massive sound of the orchestra can make you feel the beauty of life.

NAKED TARJA - Maximum Volume Music

It almost feels like a celebration of life! The story on this song could mean a world to so many. How much I love working with film composer Jim Dooley!!! When it comes to orchestra and choir, he is the one that I want next to me. He perfectly understands naked shares my love towards film music. Film music still today is a great inspiration to me when writing songs. I love the freedom of expressing emotions in simple, but effective ways.

It feels tarja a self-discovery journey once again.