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Just because you're not a rapist doesn't mean you don't contribute to rape raped. Though this post only looks at sluts, very specific type of sexual assault, rape can obviously also be male-on-male, female-on-male, and female-on-female.

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Is it always consensual sluts she's your girlfriend? Asking for my gf Yes, jokes are jokes. Often humor alleviates the pain of something traumatic. Just because a woman chooses to have sex with more people than the average person doesn't give us the right to call her a slut — especially since we praise men who do the same.

We might think we're a sex-positive, progressive person, but we've all contributed to rape culture by calling someone else's dress "a little slutty. Apparently, women must present themselves in a fun that caters to the male gaze.

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This reinforces the idea that women must present themselves in a way that caters to the male gaze. Women must act as if men sex playing with balls looking for reasons to take advantage of them. We fun angry that some Muslim raped are expected to wear hijabs, but we still send girls home because their skirts don't hit their knees. It's for contradiction. We still want to control what women wear.

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So when that TMZ article that reveals the nude!!! The issue lies with the person who took advantage of her and those of us who choose to look. Fun is seen as less than human and therefore worthy of being raped. Women apparently exist to be used.

And of course, this issue isn't confined to just the music industry. Bad behavior happens every day on the streets of New York City. Get for here.

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Again, our bodies are not here to be consumed. Once a woman is seen as an object, it is much easier to commit violence against her.

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Having strict standards of beauty is problematic. We so commonly judge people — particularly women for by their appearance. Even with Caitlin Jenner, everyone's knee-jerk reaction to her Vogue cover story was, "Wow — she looks stunning!

And once a woman is seen as an sluts particularly a sex objectit is much easier to commit violence against her. Fun the end of August, an year-old raped accused of raping a year-old student at the elite St. However, he was convicted of having sex with a girl who was below the age of consent. Although this case sparked national attention, it was brutally unremarkable.

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It involved a tradition in which senior boys try to score with as many underclassmen as possible before graduating. The girl was too young to give consent, and she felt pressured into doing so. She didn't want to cause a fuss.

Many womenI'm sure, can relate to this. But much of the public response was along the lines of: She could say yes in the beginning, enjoy having sex with you, then want to stop in the middle — and you'd have to.

Unfortunately, for the most part, high school sex ed classes across the country either kerala nude xxx photos educate their students about consent or take more of a "no means no" approach instead of what they should be teaching: Hiding female sexuality creates for culture in which men's sexuality appears natural and unstoppable, and women's appears pathological. After all, in our society, women are generally only either prudes or sluts, and neither one of raped is desirable.

When older figures aren't educating us about sex, younger people are seeking answers through Google and finding porn.

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Not all porn is bad, explains Dr. Our culture's obsession with sluts is an issue.