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Font slutty girls with bows Radhika and Tiger dog I am radhika. This is my first experience with dog I want to shear with u. One day I find animal sex site.

But I like dog sex. I saw lot of pics and clips. Then I read some stories about dog fucking.

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From that day I eagerly wanting dog cock in my hole. My neighbour had a big dog, may be German Shepherds, how can i pass a mouth swab drug test Tiger.

I always goes their home and put my hand on Tiger move on his body, he also lick my hand, but now I feel something different while he licks my hand, and thinks how to get fuck with him. And that day comes. My neighbour come to my home fucks said to my husband that they are going to trip for a week.

And he stories tiger in our home. Whole day I make planning how to get fucked by Tiger.

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Next day my hubby went for his job and he will not come for two days, I said him goodbye and then closed door. Now I am free to do what I planed from yesterday, First I untie him and he come with me in hall.

I said him to sit and he obeys me. Then I bring jam bottle from kitchen then remove my cloths and get necked my self then sit on sofa and call Tiger, he comes I move my hand on his back, he jumps putting his front tiger on me thigh then I took one thick cloth and covered tiger front legs paw and nails so that will not scratched to my fucks while fucking.

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Then I took jam bottle and put some jam on my cunt lips and insert some inside also. This all tricks idea I had taken from dog fucking girl, which I read already.

Sure enough he loped over and began nosing around my slit hole.

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He gets smell of jam and seconds later I feel his tongue on my cunt sucking jam, making me juicy. Sex sucked jam and some quantity sex my own juice, a female cum. And u know when any male gets female cum he becomes wild to fuck then he stories be human or animal.

Seconds later, he jumped up onto me. His paws came around my waist and i could feel his hard dick poking around against my crotch, and his doggy weight on top of me.

I reached back and grabbed his tool.

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Heavy current passes through me. Then I guided it against the opening of my slit and pushed back against him with my ass. Oooooooochh I cried out due to penetration on half cock in my hole, and full in another stroke aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Ummmmmmmm I get excited filling his iron-hard tool inside me.

Now Tiger continued to pump wildly into me. His pounding body smashed into my crotch, propelling girl back and forth with each stroke, bouncing my titties.

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As his cock slid deep inside me and he immediately began humping me. I groaned as it slid over my clit on each pump. He fucked me so hard and fast, I rocketed quickly into another orgasm, uuuummmmmm aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooccccccchhh.

His furry doggie body ground into my ass and crotch furiously. My hubby never pumped near this fast.