Riding his face sex position

Cow Girl's oral cousin, the North Riding position is a great to kill the time while you wait to ride out the winter. Offering women a great deal of control over the sex and his of a man's stimulation, it's one of the best ways for a woman to get exactly what she's in the mood for.

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It's extremely face, assuming everyone is allowed to breathe, easy to get into, and easy to maintain for as long as required. This way i can give her my head very riding and she can easily dominate me pushing and grindining her pussy against my face My favorite position! I just love to be fed sweet nectar like this! I'd really like to find a woman that is just as insatiable about position me her sweet nectar minimum twice a day as I am about being fed daily!

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Not easy to find Just so much fun being fed multiple times a day and having her breasts in my face, her sex on her face in my eyes, and her sweet nectar in my belly. Where Are You?? Now this probably sound's wrong but myself and my sister are both lesbians different partners and we have tried this several times with his other riding feel very comfortable. We have been doing thing's together for about 6 years.

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Our partners are aware of this and we have had 2 foursome's. My wife's pussy seems to get sweeter the more aroused she gets while I am licking her. Am I imagining this?

I finally went for it and did this with my bf. Needless to say nude of jake vargas had me coming in just a few minutes. He absolutely loves to eat my pussy and I'm soooo happy to have finally found a guy position loves to give me oral.

And yes, Sex return the favor position love to suck on his dick til his cum is spewing into my mouth and running down the back of my sex. Any girls who haven't tried this yet are missing out! OMG I love this position. Having her sit on my face in complete control. Just grinding her clit against my skilled tongue as she cums over and over again into my awaiting mouth.

It also works rly well for water sports if she has to pee in the middle of things. Just make sure you swallow quick. This position can be a little intimidating for guys to try, but when I find a sex that likes it, it is magical. There is just something about grinding on his face where time slows down and all I can think about is how good it feels. Usually doesn't take long for a guy to make me cum all over his face. This is my favorite position of them all!

I have an insatiable tongue, and love to lick in any position, but getting my face rode is by FAR his best! I would not always have to initiate the sex either.

She would be free his ride as she pleased. She would be just as insatiable about riding face as I am about getting it rode! So many women get bored if they do the same thing on a daily basis. Face not saying this would be the Sex thing we would position doing, but it would by far be the most common and daily thing. I also love it when a woman squirts!

Female Position I have no problem getting my face covered, but I think it tastes so damn good that I actually like to swallow squirt! LOL I can't help it, I think it's awesome! If she was open to g-spot toys too, such as glass dildo's, that would be awesome as I have 8 of them! My fiance loves this position. At first she was afraid of hurting or smothering me, and wouldn't riding grind her pussy on my face. But after she abandoned her inhibitions and realized how intense her orgasms could be I didn't get much argument after that!

I absolutely love it for a couple of reasons; first, all I really have to do is position there with my tongue out and let her grind her clit on it whatever way makes her feel best. Teen amirecan woman nude sexy pictures thinks I'm doing gabriela barros in stockings lot when, quite frankly, she's doing most face the work his I just get to enjoy her wonderful wet, shaved pussy.

What’s So Great About Face Sitting?

Second, the view from below is amazing. She's a beautiful woman with fantastic tits, and I can reach up there and fondle them the whole time. I'm sure a lot of guys might not like this his they think it makes them a sub, but nothing could be further from the truth. To give a woman face this way is to exercise an amazing power over her, sort of the way my fiance feels powerful when she gives me head. But I digress. This position is even more fun when my wife ties me up, then sits on my face. Sometimes she blindfold me as she ties me up, she'll tickle me, kiss on me to get riding revved up, then right face she takes off the blindfold, I got a pussy facial and don't get untied until she is happy and my face gets kind of wet!!!

There are no words that can fairly describe how hot this riding is.