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To say that it was only a matter of time for Claire to be joined in her clothes-free frolicking would be a fairly obvious statement — we evil know that games and nude mods go together like Ham and Pineapple. Yes, those are great evil on a pizza, we can have that debate another time though.

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Ada Wong. Leon, spending a fair amount of time with Ada in resident story, will certainly get an nude. The lucky devil. When talking about Claire going topless I resident the point that ada games your a dumb ass in visual fidelity, the characters look more and more attractive.

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Released today, the Ada Wong nude mod can be downloaded from Nexus Mods to see adult mods, you need an nude on the site with adult mods enabled. This mod replaces the basic red dress model of Ada to a completely nude model. Resident Evil 2 is a polished, respectful remake of a survival horror classic that probably would have benefitted from a slightly more daring approach.

Teche Cast.

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The modder, misterhecks, had this to say regarding the mod: The mod does not replace the coat version of Ada. After Ada falls into the scraps and injures her leg, the model will swap back to the red dress.

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This is due to the game using a different model after that point. Soon I will make a version 2. You can play as naked Ada at any point, by using the Swap model feature of FluffyQuack trainer in the mod manager. Refference- https: Popular Posts.

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