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And have you ever jumped in a puddle just to see it splash? Well it's WAY more fun with big feet. But however you feel about them, it's always comforting to see celebrities who were also blessed with an above-average shoe size rocking those tootsies with pride! Here are just a few of our Hollywood favourites who have big feet. The famous heiress rocks size 11 heels like a boss!

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Paris even created her own shoe line to cater to larger feet. Tyra is known for her loud-and-proud approach to body love, so it's no surprise redhead teen drunk fuck she celebrates her size 12s. Kendall loves her size hilton feet hilton much that she doesn't hesitate before popping them on display in transparent ankle boots.

Can paris believe Elle wears a size 12 shoe? Although feet she's almost six feet tall, a larger shoe size is definitely expected. I'm so thankful to sexy been included in this Trial Team as I have now found my favourite night moisturiser!

I picked this product up when I had the option to select products for my mecca beauty loop box.

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I must sexy, I was absolutely impressed! Hi lovelies Desperatley needing some recommendations here. My hair is a tamer, curly combined…. Hey Beauties, A few weeks ago I decided to start taking Feet tablets. I used feet about 2 weeks….

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Hi All I am new to the forum and this is my paris post. Skip to main content. Request new password. You are here. Khloe never lets her size 10s hold her back! She gives us shoe envy on the regular. Would you have guessed that Kate's feet are actually size 11?


We certainly wouldn't! Cindy proudly embraces her size 10 feet. She can even wave with one of her toes! Little-known fact: Audrey had size 10 sexy a half feet!

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It turns out that the former First Lady wore hilton size 10 shoe! Do you have big porntext on milf hunters Are you surprised by any of these celebrity shoe sizes? You Might Also Like. My feet are embarrassing me 96 Comments. Say goodbye to swollen feet 61 Comments.

I always thought shoe size was connected to height, but I'm 5'9 and wear U. S size 7's. My dad has small feet though, and he's tall, paris maybe its genetic. Simonja 1 Jun 1: My feet have always been small but as the years went on they seem to have become bigger.

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