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In a culture saturated with sexual content, the Japanese are increasingly choosing abstinence. Can the rapidly ageing society encourage millennials to start having sex again? The numbers are alarming, especially in relation to the results of the same survey when only But they tend to put it off as they have gaps between their ideals and the reality.

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At present, 1 in 4 Japanese is over 65 and the population continues to decline at an unprecedented rate. Every year hundreds of schools close down to become care centres for the elderly, and abandoned houses are a common japanese depressing sight. As family ties erode, the hyper-modern society becomes increasingly individualistic.

Dedicated to work, or consumed by entertainment, young adults have little or no interest in sex.

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Their lack old sexual drive, as well as no interest in marriage, are believed to be linked to the economic downturn, as well as a crisis of male identity. Feeling inadequate, Japanese males turn to falling in love with fictional characters, fall prey to depression, or simply put their love lives on hold.

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However, the drop off is still much more pronounced than in other developed countries. In the past, marrying women the same company was a standard practice and many women entered the workforce with the sole purpose of finding a spouse and then resigning. Now, ambitious Japanese women see marriage as a real threat to their careers.

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Even if women were encouraged to combine work with child rearing, their chances at succeeding would remain slim, as the average Japanese husband contributes only an hour of his time to household women.

Young Japanese singles may live individualistic lifestyles and value career angie woods fakes naked hot japanese, but societal norms are still rigid. Many fear entering an informal relationship and, without marriage, there can be sex children.

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The hype over the recent survey is part of a government strategy for raising awareness of the issue, which, in fact, is a disease of affluence affecting many countries. For example, a recent survey in Britain revealed almost comparable levels of sexual abstinence. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is implementing policies targeting the elderly, as well as providing government incentives to young parents. However, without a profound change in the working culture which discriminates against women, he will fail to raise the sex rates from 1.

Women will have to wait for regulatory action from the government, and PM Old is unlikely to oppose the powerful business lobby anytime soon. Home Content.