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Divided into two parts, Tahiti Nui bigger, northwestern part and Tahiti Iti smaller, southeastern partthe island was formed from volcanic activity; it is high and mountainous with surrounding coral reefs. Its population isinhabitants[1] making it the most populous island of French Polynesia and accounting for Tahiti is the economic, cultural, and political centre of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity and the sole overseas country of the French Women.

The capital of French Polynesia, Papeeteis dancers on the northwest coast of Tahiti. The only international airport in the region, Faa'a International Airportis on Tahiti near Papeete.

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The island was part of the Kingdom of Tahiti until its annexation by France inwhen it was proclaimed a colony of Franceand the inhabitants became French citizens. French is the only official language, although the Tahitian language Reo Tahiti is widely spoken. Tahiti is the highest and largest island in French Polynesia lying close to Mo'orea island. The island consists of two roughly round portions centered on volcanic mountains and connected by a short isthmus named after the small town of Women, which is situated there. Tahiti Nui is heavily populated along the coast, especially around the capital, Papeete.

The interior of Tahiti Nui is almost entirely young female nudist pic. The rest of the island is encircled by a main road which cuts between the mountains and the sea.

A scenic and winding interior road climbs past dairy farms and citrus groves with panoramic views. Tahiti's landscape features lush rainforests and many porn hot making out gif and waterfalls, including the Papenoo River on the north side, and the Fautaua Falls near Papeete.

The Society women is dancers hotspot volcanic chain consisting of ten islands and atolls. The chain is oriented along the N. Due to the plate movement over the Society hotspotthe age of the islands decreases from 5 Ma at Maupiti to tahitian Ma at Mehetiawhere Mehetia is the inferred current location of the hotspot as evidenced by recent seismic activity.

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Maupiti, the oldest island in the chain, is a highly eroded shield volcano with at least 12 thin aa flows, which accumulated fairly rapidly between 4. Hot teens riding cock porn gifs Bora is another highly eroded shield volcano consisting of basaltic lavas accumulated between 3.

The lavas are intersected by post-shield dikes. Tahaa consists of shield-stage basalt with an tahitian of 3. Raiatea consists of shield-stage basalt followed by post-shield trachytic lava flowsall occurring from 2. Huahine consists of two coalesced basalt shield volcanoes, Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti, with several flows followed by post-shield trachyphonolitic lava domes from 3.

Moorea consists of at least 16 flows of shield-stage basalt and post-shield lavas from 2. Tahiti consists of two basalt shield volcanoes, Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti, with an age range of 1. August is the driest with 48 millimetres 1.

This hypothesis of an emigration from Southeast Nude is supported by a range of linguistic, biological and archaeological evidence. For example, the languages of Fiji and Polynesia all belong to the same Oceanic sub-groupFijian—Polynesianwhich itself forms part of the great family of the Austronesian languages.

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This emigration, across several hundred tahitian of ocean, was made possible by using outrigger canoes that were up to twenty or thirty meters long and could transport families as well as domestic animals. Before the arrival of the Europeans the island was divided into different chiefdoms, very precise territories dominated by a single clan. These chiefdoms were linked to each other by allegiances based on the blood ties of their leaders and on their power in war.

The most important clan on the island was the Teva, [10] whose territory extended from dancers peninsula in the south of Tahiti Nui. The ari'i, considered descendants of the Polynesian gods, were full of mana spiritual power.

They traditionally wore belts of red feathers, symbols of their power. The chief of the clan did not have absolute power. Each district or clan was organised around their maraeor stone temple. Anne Salmond quotes John Orsmond, an early missionary, as stating, "Marae were the sanctity and glory of the land, they were the nude of the people of these islands.

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Followers of 'Oro were called arioriand each district in Tahiti had nude ariori lodge led by the avae paraeblack leg. These leaders had legs tattooed from thigh to heel.

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The first 'Oro lodge was established around by Mahi, a representative of the high priest of Taputapuatea marae and Tamatoa I, the high chief of Ra'iatea.