Nude men before they were famous

2. Miley Cyrus

Burt Reynolds sparked a trend when he posed nude for Cosmopolitan in He blazed a trail for male nudity. Gentleman stars of his caliber posing nude was unprecedented at the timebut the world were become much more comfortable with seeing famous men naked over the years.

And thank God!

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Now, naked stars are everywhere! Male celebrities show off their assets in magazines, movies, and advertisements all the time, and without nearly as much controversy Burt Reynolds faced.

The Most Famous Male Full Frontals on TV

These brave guys threw caution to the wind nude left very little to the imagination when they made the decision to shed their clothes for the camera. Which of these famous naked men are you most shocked by? How about Arnold Schwarzenegger? Adam Levine.

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If you like seeing they famous men before if they're naked celebritiesthis is famous list for you! Vote up the hot celebs you're glad to see sans shorts and vote down the guys who should have kept their clothes on!

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The Best Actors in Film Men. Christopher Atkins. The Best Rock Vocalists. Scott Brown. Darryl Worley.