Naked females in changing room

Mold girls naked in the changing room

I happened upon a survey recently commissioned by Nestle. To reach these conclusions, I spoke with actual women about what happens in their locker rooms.

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You will see nudity. Sure, you may happen to choose the day when a troupe of Hawaiian Tropics models has their bus break down outside. It reminds me of when precocious boys say they want to be gynecologists.

11 Things You’d Actually See in the Women’s Locker Room If You Were Invisible

And females, as you get older, you realize that you get an entire bell curve of vaginas in that parade. And probably even at a community pool. And also not a TV show. Your sense of smell is still there.

Women's Changing Room Etiquette

Not every shower is an Herbal Essences shampoo-induced orgasm. There was an old Seinfeld about good naked activities and bad naked activities. Toenail clipping? Most definitely bad.

Many of my friends have had stuff stolen at the gym.

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Do you break your cover to let her walk out of there on comfortable wool padding and commit room theft? Or do you just stand idly by blonde pornstars having sex a crime occurs in front of your eyes? Only in this case, the milk is actually searing the hairs off her face. If you happen to pick that day and that one locker room as the time you cash in your invisibility… never expect to win changing ever again, because your lifetime supply of luck is all used up.

Science Has an Answer.

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