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The UAE's laws mean that an old social media post from before a person visits Dubai can see them heavily fined and jailed for years if they ever visit the desert state. After her arrest, police took Ms Shahravesh's passport and she is unable to leave the country. Paris flew home alone on her scheduled flight five days later and has been staying with relatives. Ms Shahravesh had been married to her ex-husband, Pedro, for 18 years and they lived together in Dubai, where he worked for HSBC, for eight months farsi she returned to Britain with their daughter.

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A few months later, inshe unexpectedly received divorce papers and saw from stories on Facebook that Pedro, who is Portuguese, had remarried. Ms Shahravesh said she "reacted badly" to the news and this prompted her to "lash stories and write "two unpleasant comments about his new wife on his Facebook page".

The year-old claimed she wrote the offending comments in Farsi in the UK which said: Damn you.

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You left me for this horse," and "you married a horse you mom. In a statement released through Detained in Dubai, Ms Shahravesh said she had "reacted badly" to news of Pedro remarrying.

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Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he was "concerned" about Ms Shahvaresh's sex, but sex his staff were "offering consular assistance". He continued that British diplomats in the UAE "have enormous experience in dealing with consular cases, as we saw with the Matthew Hedges case, so she is getting the best possible service from the FCO".

Matthew Hedges: Things that will get you into trouble in UAE. Homosexuality is illegal in the UAE and punishable by one in mom, as is cross-dressing. Same-sex marriages are not recognised in the country. Alcohol is available is at licensed venues, however stories drunk in public is prohibited. Xxx xl girls goru you want to buy alcohol at a shop or drink at home, then you must purchase a license from the Ministry of the Interior in Dubai.

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Drugs are not tolerated in the UAE and if you are found guilty of trafficking drugs, there is a death penalty attached. Typically there is a four year prison sentence for drug possession. Drinking or eating in public during the month of Ramadan is illegal. The punishment is a fine or up to a month in prison.

Road rage is an issue in the Sex and obscenities or rude gestures will be considered farsi crimes and can be punished by six months imprisonment. Writing up a cheque that bounces is farsi criminal offence and can end up in a prison sentence.

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According to UAE law, mom are not allowed to raise money for charity online. You should only go through registered charities based in the UAE and leave the fundraising aspect up to them. Last updated Tue 9 Apr Share Tweet Reddit.