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This article reveals the truth about her two-sides, her manipulations, and her continual lies to the Korean public. She is a narcissist in purest form.

Her plastic-surgery appearance, fakery, and broadcast image enable her to deceive the general public. In actuality, she defines selfishness and cares for only one cause, her own self image. During this miss, the nude lived together and traveled extensively.

The author has reviewed pages sex scene in wild orchid supporting documents medical records, correspondences, photos, videos to establish validity. All statements made below are nude and supported with physical evidence. Through his observations of her trickery, her methods, he lost his belief in humankind, goodness, and genuine charity.

A police report with images and evidence were later filed and is available for review. See supporting medical record attached herewhich is the abortion surgery she performed most recently in Hong Kong. She has repeatedly received plastic surgery, miss apparently to her breasts, eyes, and face. She frequently lies publicly about her body. See images attached which are self-explanatory. The attached sex video shows otherwise. The lies are too many to count.

In her private life, she takes zero interest in any charitable causes.

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What is shown on TV is fake, a scam. There is no true charity in her heart. She views the world as an image of herself. She lies, manipulates, possesses, and is intolerable to anybody who truly knows her. This author has never known a greater narcissist. It is plagiarism. In actuality, korea knows little of the subject matter she writes about.

She seeks to soon publish a new book, again a lie promoting an image of charity and volunteering. In actuality, it is meant only as a PR tool to boost her false public image as she ages she is now 38 years old. All records have been backed up and safeguarded.

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Many more records are available. Embassies and police authorities have been informed. This chick is like the Paris Hilton of Korea with a rich family plus leaked nude photos, sex tapes and leaked abortion receipt. Here are remy martin sex tape documents indicating she had an abortion in Hong Kong at the end of And a scan of her passport: Here are some glam shots of the Korean beauty queen turn news anchor:.

She is a year-old Korean Newswoman and former Miss Korea This sex scandal involve nude photos, sex videos and stocking documents of the popular Korean TV news anchor and former beauty queen. The sharing of this sex tape and photos is a crime in the Korea and the Korean government is active in trying to remove these scandalous images and video from the Internet but it is korea the most searched for video in the country.

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Along with the sex video there are documents indicating that Han Sung Joo allegedly had an abortion in Hong Kong in a mouth after the nude sex photos and sex video were made. In the photos and video a woman said to be Han Sung Joo is seen having unprotected sex with an unidentified miss. Take a look for yourself with these streaming videos: Wiki Bio. J oin Like the Gutter Uncensored fan page on Korea at http: And get the latest news about the Gutter Uncensored on the Facebook fan page.

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