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At this point, you've men got your masturbation routine down to a science: But what really happens to your body when you masturbate? What are the physical and emotional side effects?

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To be clear, masterbatng the urban legends and myths you heard when you were younger, nothing bad will happen to you if you masturbate. While there is such a thing as too much masturbationthe general consensus in the medical and psychological community is that it only becomes a problem when it starts to take away from your ability to function healthily in society or in a relationship.

Frank lampard naked and fucked Sex Book. But for the most part, if masturbation doesn't get in the way of your daily routine, there's little reason not to do it.

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Phew, so now that we've gotten that out of the way, read on to discover the amazing health benefits of spanking the monkey. When you have an orgasm, your brain is flooded with dopamine and serotonin, the so-called "feel-good" chemicals that make you happy. There's a reason why it feels like all of your troubles have melted away after you have a good orgasm: The end result is that men blissed-out, sipping-margaritas-on-a-private beach feeling. Got headaches? While not really a cure in itself, having an orgasm can decrease the effects of migraine headaches for nearly one-third of migraine sufferers, according to one study.

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If you masturbate frequently, you know exactly where you like to be touched, how you like to be touched, for how long, etc. Once you masterbatng comfortable with your own sexual responses, you can better communicate them to a partner, which makes for much better sex.

While we're not exactly sure why, multiple studies have suggested that frequent ejaculation via solo or partner sex " improves prostate health and may lower the risk of prostate cancer," Murray says. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Step daughter sex xxx Have Invented a Breathalyzer for Weed.

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Screengrab via HitRecord Films. Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. What Is Pansexuality? Is Swallowing Semen Bad for You?

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