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We used to flirt at work and got friendly. It's noon! This surprises you?

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Let me explain big brother vesna nude this had happened! Three months before a special gala, my date decided to dump my ass and decided to go to an out of town wedding. Maria Kanellis Gets used Fan Fiction Maria is walking out of the gym late at night after a hard cardio work out.

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She is wearing a green sports bra and green short shorts. She gets into her car but it won't start. Me being one of the only small mobile porn person leaving the Gym as late as she is She approaches me to ask for my help. I introduce myself as Asher She introduces herself as Maria I say I know who she is then say sure but I must go back to my place and get maria tools to even attempt to get her car going again.

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I say she is welcome to come with me to my place while I get what I need. She says "Sure" I help her up into my lifted Dodge Ram As doing so I comment on how nice her ass looks in her Short shorts. She says "Awe thank you" in a awkward kinda flirtatious way. We drive back to my place and I welcome her in for a Gatorade or something cause I can see she is sweating a lot. She says "That would be nice thank you" I go off to get my flashlight and tools from my garage.

When I return she is not at my kitchen table where I left her. I shout "Maria where are you". As Fucked walk around my house looking for her. I find her in my basement she was looking at my Bondage gear.

When I catch her she has a sexy smirk on her face. She kanellis "she has always been interested ass being dominated by a big strong fucked as she sexily walks over to me shaking her wonderfully toned ass. I say "Oh Really now? What about your husband Mike?

I tell her to join me back upstairs and I will tell her. She follows me and we head to my living room. I tell her have a seat. As I sit down in my chair. She sits in my lap and I tell her that can wait a bit. Then she pouts and takes a seat on the couch. I start listing off my Rules.

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She giggles I say fine we are done here lets go. She pleads no no sorry for giggling. I say fine I will continue. She says "everything sound good to her. I watch her eagerly walk away and head downstairs.

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I head to my shower to clean up cause I am in Sweaty gym clothing still. After I am all showered and clean I head downstairs. It has been nearly 1 hour since I have sent her down stairs. She has been eagerly waiting looking at the few whips floggers and other various gear I have hanging from hooks down there. I walk in and get real close to her kanellis and tell her "she is going to get a real workout now.

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I remove my towel and flop my cock out onto her lips and tell her to start sucking and she better do a good job or I will make her regret it. She opens her mouth and starts sucking me but is doing a very sub par job at it. I grab a fistful of her red hair and force her head down ass my cock fucking her mouth forcefully and making her gag and gasp for air each time Maria pull out. I continue fucking her mouth and throat until she starts gaging and drooling up massive amounts of saliva I know her throat is now getting raw.

I laugh and fuck her face some more. Once done face fucking her I say "Well well what am I gonna use to clean up this mess.

Then I run the spine of my knife down her torso and around her breasts teasing her nipples with a cold hard steel of my blade. Then I take the kmife and use it to cut off her Short shorts and expose the fact she was not wearing any panties underneath. When I remove them I notice they are wet. I laugh again saying "You are a dirty Filthy whore aren't you.

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Is it from piss or from her being turned on from being abused in such a way.