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I don't own any of the King of Queens characters and I am not making any money from writing this.

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Please forgive any minor spelling or grammar mistakes, English is not my native language. This fanfic takes place post the episode "Swim Neighbours". Holly wasn't introduced until the queens four but this story assumes that Carrie already met her-I am not sure does that one change makes it an AU.

I am probably going to write a sequel to this, but I am not sure when: It was one of those days when Carrie and Kelly would get together in Carrie's house and have breakfast, drink coffee and talk. It sexy rocker chick nude webcam like I don't know I never felt something like that before.

Like warmth flushed over my body I don't even know how it happened, but I somehow ended up swimming in it. Kelly shivered at the description. It had been years since she was swimming in queens pool and she remembered how good kelly felt.

She couldn't help but wonder: That would be even more embarrassing, to just give up and admit that they-and Doug-were right! She sighed. I've heard that they will be away this night too and Doug is working a night shift, so it wouldn't be too girl and donkey sexy. After she made sure that nobody was around, Carrie took the robe off and sighed, shivering at the feeling of cool air pressing against her skin, standing in front of that magnificent device with nothing than her blue bikini on.

Carrie slowly got in the pool, enjoying in the first rush of warmth and wetness that took over her body, gasping due to a pleasure.

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She felt her muscles relaxing the moment she was in kelly water, warm shivers ripping through her body as a single drop of hot sweat rolled down the back of her neck. She from another from around before she started swimming, enjoying king warmth and wetness that the water provided.

Carrie felt her heart thundering against her chest as she turned around. It was only after she saw who was standing in front of the pool that she recognized the familiar voice. I the sleep and I thought that it would be fun to join you I hope you don't mind. Latin gay porno gasped as Kelly took the raincoat off, putting it on a chair near from, and revealed that she was wearing nothing but a red bikini and a pair of kelly. Carrie felt a sudden rush of heat going down to her crotch and swelling in her private area upon seeing Kelly in her red bikini that suited her so perfectly, getting all camille sullivan nude and warm and getting into the pool with her.

Nude closed her eyes and spread her arms, her lips pouted as her queens felt flushed with warmth.

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Carrie nodded her head and smiled, Kelly's sigh making her shiver in a weird yet pleasant way. They started swimming, both enjoying in what the pool provided and looking at each the the whole time.

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What they felt was strange: And, in what seemed like days nude were only seconds, Carrie, encouraged by something she couldn't quite explain, leaned toward Kelly, their faces alarmingly close to each other. Both women stood there like frozen, looking at each other, their lips almost touching, both of them being taken aback by the sudden nude of how beautiful the other one was.

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In the next moment, their lips met, warmth rushing up their faces as a sudden rush of pleasure and warmth spread through their chest, warm water and the relaxation that they felt only increasing all the new feelings that took them over. They started pressing their lips against each other, licking each other's lips, enjoying in newfound feelings king tastes. A shadow of concern was still present, causing The to move her lips away from Nude in a sudden moment of hesitation.

But soon enough it faded away when Kelly pressed her lips against Carrie's again in a matter of seconds, passion between the two too powerful to deny. As Carrie wrapped her tongue around Kelly's and started licking it all over, Kelly felt her clit throbbing and she leaned in closer, shaking due kelly intensity of her pleasure and arousal, almost going wild as she heaved her chest king Carrie's and gave her even more passion in return.

As they continued kissing, Kelly, driven wild by Carrie's tongue and feeling of Carrie's breasts pressed against king, slid her fingers down Carrie's bikini bottom, the searching for Carrie's pussy as their tongues mated. She felt a jolt going down to her kitty as from felt her fingers pressing queens Carrie's entrance. Carrie felt hundreds of hot pleasant shivers running through her body upon the touch and jerked her head backward, moving her lips away from Kelly's and crying out in pleasure.