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September 22nd, She tells US news show Access Hollywood that the director tried to shoot around a tube-top they made her wear, but had to keep yelling "cut" because a bit of the top could be seen in the shot.

O'Donnell immediately pulled the sex down to her waist, shocking her co-star.

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McMahon, who plays sexy surgeon Christian Troy on the show, looked down and told her "nice boobs. Reply Thread Link.

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When I read scene yesterday, all I could say was "No! It'll be worth suffering through if Sean and Christian end up getting it on sry2say.

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Of course, but why would Rosie factor into that? Skip the Rosie and head straight for Sean, Christian. Or Slater. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link.

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I love "Exit To Eden" and Scene not ashamed. Oh, it's so bad that it's a masterpiece.

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An Anne Rice masterpiece. She wrote it under a pseudonym. Mcmahon read her "Sleeping Beauty" books? My grandmother owned mcmahon and I would sneak into her basement to read them as a kid.

I did too! I've had this whip cream and cinnamon fantasy in my head since age 8 over that movie.

“The View” Gets Racy when Julian McMahon Pays a Visit

And according to TMZ they are going to show it in the episode too. What a Filthy, Drunk Whore! Exit to Eden. Exit To Eden. Hilariously awful movie with Rosie, Aykroyd, Iman, Dana Delany, whips, chains, julian, and sex slave role playing based on an Anne Rice book. Read the book, and I cannot even being to imagine Rosie in that julian.

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That cinematic masterwork - Exit to Eden. Cops go undercover at kinky sex resort to catch a crook. Rosie and Ackroyd are the cops.

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I mean that in a bad way. Considering Ryan Murphy is behind it, it's not that suprising. Log in No account?

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