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E-mail us at: ShockCin aol. Long considered a 'lost' title by cult movie aficionados, this Playboy-produced adaptation of Desmond Morris' pop-zoology ape has finally surfaced. But don't get your hopes up, folks, because I still remember trying to watch this box-office dud as a teenager when it turned up on pay-cable. I was bored senseless by its convoluted, heavyhanded and, worst of all, tame PG!

Crawford haphazard project lacks structure and imagination, mixing inane episodes and animated segments into a 'hip' analysis of humankind's ancient sexual urges. After perusing a paperback of Johnny Naked Ape, he goes on the prowl, complete with gooey lovesick antics, beach frolicking and the occasional leaden fantasy -- while the filmmakers concoct any excuse to compare human mating rituals with those in naked animal kingdom.

Johnny Crawford - The Naked Ape

Surreal bits are shuffled throughout, such as a caveman gawking at ape modern naked or a discussion of monkey orgasms in the midst of a wedding crawford, but we're also forced to suffer through unnecessary crap like a long scene of male gymnastics. Normally, this type of approach would earn it spontaneity points, but instead of embracing its inherent goofiness, first- and-last -time director Donald Driver is instead determined to revel in some misguided johnny of 'artistic sexual investigation' naked red headed sex showing any actual sex, mind you.

A train wreck on every level, it combines vapid lead characters, stale insights, sappy Jimmy Webb tunes, cinematography by the versatile and in this instance, in desperate need of a paycheck John Alonzo, and a painfully ponderous self-importance.

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