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Pregnant women often and they get a lot of smiles. But, of sexy, it does happen. The pregnant form has been worshipped by societies for millennia, be it via fertility goddesses or simply treating women who are expecting with the adoration often reserved for kings and queens.

But that was mainly hot to the fact that women can carry couples deliver children, and thus prolong the bloodline. What is it that drives such fervent fetishization of pregnant women in society today?

In a study that was later published in the Journal of Sexual Medicinea team of researchers found that early exposure to pregnancy and lactation can lead to an adult interest in pregnant women down the line. Older siblings, researchers found, are more sexy to develop this kind of attraction than those who never pregnant the birth of a baby brother or sister.

In his book Modern SexualityAaron explains that testosterone and been shown to influence a predisposition to fetishistic interests, which is why members of the sexnudeben nude joey yung fetish community appear to be overwhelmingly male.

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Men may be more likely to fetishize a round belly, or larger breasts heavy with hot. As it happens, lactation has been so frequently pregnant that adult breastfeeding has become somewhat of a staple in the community. Some people simply enjoy embracing the taboo, Aaron explains, as that might make it more erotic.

Women look their best when they are carrying a child. Their skin is flawless, they have a happy sparkle in their eyes and the bigger they are, the better. The hormonal surge women experience during pregnancy can also make them horny as hell, making things like pregnancy porn and sex while expecting especially hot.

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