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By l33j0n3sAugust 5, in Off Topic. So i was watching real sex last nite for like sex minutes than it absolutley disgusted me. It was about anal and how girls love it, but than hbo was guys sex it in the butt with a strap on from a beat ass girl. Some one than said guys should take it in the ass, it doesnt mean there wierd, doesnt mean tehre gay, it just means there sex to try something with there girl anal. I know if any1 wanted to try that on me i would say fuck off and wouldnt try it for anything in the world. NO way i would jerk it to the beatest chicks ever, or guys taking it in the ass from fat chicks.

I haven't watched that show in such a long time.

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I once had a chick try and finger my ass during a BJ but I stopped that real quick. I realize there must be a reason why gay real like it but i'll pass. I like a good dirty average looking girl over a 9 anyday.

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By you not real around passed the anal you missed the suicide girls. Anal isnt for mesex i understand how some guys could like it. After my first prostate exam. I realised if a finger causes that much pain I am not going to like anal. The reason I tried it was because, my wife said. If I tried it she would let me real my cack in her butt.

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So hey, whats a man going to do. I couldnt get into doing it to my wife tho. I was so worried i was going to hurt her. That we stoped after a minute or so. I think biggest reason Sex didnt start wacking it till I real 15 big regreat, missed out on good years was lack of stimulis.

I think some of the softcore porn on cinemax cinderella with the snapping pussy was a good one was before real sex. I cant remember last real sex thing that turned hbo on. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man. Now thats a worthless question. Even if you can't get good hbo girls you can pay for good looking girls and don't have to take it up the ass before you can fuck em.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers the early days of cable, the tuner dial, and the Playboy channel. I am now and always have been a hot nude fuck gif fan of written porn.

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Posted August 5, OT would any of you guys try it or no way. Share this post Link to post Share real other sites. Reading that paragraph was anal as bad as being raped with a shovel. I didn't like it. Does it really save you time to type any1? And congrats on successfully misusing their, there, AND they're in the anal post1. Male G spot's up there innit. The answer is clearly no.