Give her the shaft

Well, I guess it was back in '63 When eatin' my cookin' got the better of me, So I asked this little girl I was goin' with to be my wife. Well, she said she would, so I said "I do". Well, the first few years weren't all that bad - I'll never forget the good times we had 'Cause I'm reminded every month when I send her the child support.

Well, it wasn't too long till the lust all died, And Shaft admit I wasn't too surprised The day I come home and found my suitcase sittin' out on the porch. Well, I tried to get in - she changed the locks! Then I found this note taped on the mailbox That said, "Goodbye, turkey!

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My attorney will be in touch! She got the gold mine! I got the shaft. Her split it right down the middle, And then they give her the better half. Well, it all sounds sorta funny, But it hurts too much to laugh.

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She got the gold mine - I got the sha-a-aft. Now, listen - hot bangladeshi wife nude ain't shaft nothin' yet: Why, they give her the color television set, Then they give her the house, the kids, and both of the cars! Well, then they start give 'bout child support, Alimony, and the cost of the court - Didn't take me long to figure out nicole sherzinger naked in shower far in the toilet I was!

I'm tellin' ya, they have made a mistake 'Cause it adds up to more than this cowboy makes! Besides; everything I ever had worth takin', they've already took! While she's give like a queen on alimony, I'm workin' two shifts eatin' baloney, Askin' the, "Why didn't you just learn how to cook?!?! They give me the shaft.

They said they're splittin' it all down the middle, But she got the better half.

give somebody the ˈshaft

Well, it all sounds mighty funny, But it hurts too much to laugh. Well, she got the gold mine!

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They split it all down the middle, And then they give her her better half. Well, I guess it all sounds funny, Hoo, hoo, hoo, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! But it hurts too much to laugh. They ain't kiddin' me - I got the shaft. Well, I don't the to worry 'bout totin' a billfold n'more. Hahahahaha… I let my wife tote it; I'mon' be carryin' food stamps - You get it, judge? I'mon' be… Just… Shaft Ah, it's not funny, huh?

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Contempt of court? Whaddaya mean? Listen, judge: I's just kiddin'! Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter. Auto rolagem Texto Restaurar Corrigir letra Imprimir. Mais acessadas de Jerry Reed. Country Ed Bruce. Roger Give.

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Country Tom T. Country Whitey Shafer.

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Country Hank Williams Jr. The C.

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