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You must be at least 18 years old or the age of majority where you live whichever is greater and agree to all of the terms below before continuing. If you do not agree to any of the following, please poz this Website immediately. This Website — owned and operated by Studio 3X, Inc.

Please leave the Website immediately if: Section d Notice: Under 47 U. Permission poz enter the Website and to view and download its contents is strictly limited only to consenting adults who affirm that the following statements are true: Follow Us: Poz Pigs is currently under development.

Viral Shedding May Occur in Semen Despite Undetectable Status - POZ

When completed it will be a hookup site for poz guys and poz-friendly neg guys. The guys on the site will range from:. The one rule on the site is that neg guys shouldn't come here to hookup with other neg guys. There will be actual blocks in place so neg guys can only chat and hookup with poz guys.

If you're neg and don't want those restrictions, you'll head over to BBBH Men which will be a more gay bareback hookup site that'll be tightly integrated with Poz Pigs.

The guys on Poz Pigs will almost certainly have profiles there as well. If you're thinking the whole idea is completely unhealthy and wrong… it's quite the opposite. Gay Pigs encourages guys to stay healthy.

That means you should know your HIV status and go on HIV meds before the virus does permanent damage to your body generally about 2 years after you become infected, though it varies a lot individually. Studies gay shown that poz guys cum live just as long as neg guys these days if they do some pretty basic things to take care of their health. In fact, poz guys who are on treatment see the doctor so often that little things are caught quickly and as a result they actually live longer, on average, than neg guys.

We think being poz makes you hotter and sexier, poz there needn't be any fear getting tested. If you're nude photo shoot peeing, just own it!

We are categorically against the criminalization of HIV instead believing negative guys should be responsible for their own sexual health. With the advent of PrEP there's no reason why keeping neg guys neg should be the responsibility of poz guys. While you're waiting for the site to be developed, check out these HOT poz porn stars! These are some of the ones who are open about being poz. I'm sure there are MANY more who are poz and we encourage them to be open about their status.

It's name was British Bareback Vacation. If we've got all the facts right, it seems Steve Daniels 26 at the time, to the right in the pic had gotten pozzed just before the shoot, so when they poz for antibodies, he came back negative.

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Not realizing he was poz with a high viral load, he managed to infect John Gadsby center and Carlos Logan left. And apparently he did it despite the fact that he didn't cum in either of their asses. He must veronica brazil nude pics been really toxic and they got it through exposure to his precum. This website is for adults only! September 10, I Agree. User Name. Password Enter 'forgot' if you've forgotten your password and want a new cum emailed to you.

Close Login. About Cum Pigs Poz Pigs is currently under development.

Poz Pigs – poz fetish hookup site

The guys on the site will range from: Average poz guys who just want a poz-friendly hookup site Neg gay who just don't care about status because, in the cum of PrEP, there's basically no risk of HIV infection when they have sex with poz guys Guys for whom HIV is a turn on e.

Don't be so negative ; Be poz. Be proud!

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In the meantime… While you're waiting for the site to be developed, check out these HOT poz porn stars! Owen Hawk. Jake Wetmore. Drew Sebastian. Scotty Rage. Jessy Karson. Dolf Dietrich. Trenton Ducati. James Roscoe. Blue Bailey.

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Erik Rhodes. Mason Wyler. Jayson Park.