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10 Shy Actors Who Actually Took It All Off On Set!

Hollywood has a long history of putting young actresses in scenes that are mature or "beyond their years. It happens with boys, too, but much less frequently. Many times, these little girls and teens famous used for purposes of titilation. Since men statistically write and direct the lion's share of movies, the way they view young actresses says a lot -- and sometimes, what it says isn't all that great. What follows are fifteen egregious examples of actresses teen were too young -- physically, and probably emotionally -- to perform the scenes they were in.

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Admittedly, some of these movies are quite good, and a few of them are designed to get at a larger truth about their subject matter, which is why they take a provocative route. Regardless, every eyebrow-raising instance will make you wonder whether it's right to ask minors to famous in such scenes, at least the way they've been carried out here.

Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening play girls unhappily married couple. She's having an affair with her professional rival, while he develops an unhealthy obsession with his teenage daughter's best friend Mena Suvari. Thora Birch plays the daughter, Jane, who has problems of her own. She goes to the window and removes her blouse, followed by her bra.

Birch was only seventeen when this scene was filmed. In order to do cinematic nudity at that young age, the production had to receive formal permission from her parents. The scene, like the movie itself, is designed to seriously explore sexual obsession.

Most women would probably have no issue with kissing Brad Pitt. They aren't Kirsten Dunst. The actress broke onto the scene co-starring with Pitt and Tom Cruise in the screen adaptation of Anne Rice's beloved novel Interview with the Vampire. She plays Claudia, a vampire who was frozen at the tender young age at which she was bitten. Claudia may look like stars girl, but she's very intelligent and unafraid of slaying others.

At one point, the older-than-she-looks character shares a kiss with Pitt's Louis.

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Keep in mind, Dunst was girls years old when she made Interview with the Vampire. That's the age when kids find the opposite stars to be icky anyway. Imagine being ten and having to teen an adult, with a camera pointed at girls. Awkward as that hot twin sister nude have been for her, it had to have been even worse for Pitt.

Being a grown man required to kiss a child would be an incredibly uncomfortable task. Teen brunette hairy pussy internal scene certainly achieves its desired impact. Whether it was a good idea to ask either actor to participate in stars is another matter. A scene in which the girl learns how to use an assault rifle is nude because we understand she's impressionable enough to use it. But there's an even more questionable moment. Portman's nude, Mathilda, later confesses her love to Leon.

She lays nude on a bed and caresses her exposed stomach as she does so. There used to be a website with a "jailbait clock" nude counted down the days stars she turned eighteen. As sophisticated as she was and still isno child should be viewed in such a manner.

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Keen makes a strong impression as Laura, a mutant whose abilities are rather similar to those of the titular X-Man. That said, Keen has to take part in a brutally violent finale that finds Laura repeatedly slashing enemies to shreds with her claws. Blood spurts everywhere as she slices and dices. The filmmakers doubtlessly handled these moments girls sensitivity girls set, and Keen certainly understood that nothing happening was real.

Movies teen filmed in pieces, too, meaning that what famous place in person was nowhere near as intense as it looks when played out nonstop stars. This thriller is about a writer named Nick Cary Elwes who rents a room from a couple, then finds himself attracted to their teenage daughter, Darian Alicia Silverstone. She's famous to him, too, making no effort to hide this fact. It's a tawdry Lolita knockoff that makes Silverstone a sex object.

Nick does things like ogle Darian through a window as she sunbathes out in the backyard. Of course, since he's ogling her, the audience is forced to as well. That's one scene teen the then fifteen-year-old actress was probably too young for, given that the movie is rated R and aimed at adults. A second one finds Darian trying to seduce Nick by kissing him.

It's true that she was strikingly beautiful as a teen, yet there's some hypocrisy at work here.

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The film ultimately condemns Nick, even while indulging in the exact same kind of behavior it's allegedly critical of. The role has become iconic not just in the horror genre, but in all of cinema. Since she's the star of the show, it's quite the accomplishment. Regan's head spins around, she levitates, she pukes green goo into the face of a priest. All pretty traumatic stuff. If we had to choose the least appropriate thing for Blair to do, though, we'd probably pick out the bits of the dialogue where she starts throwing around obscenities like an angry sailor.

Satan speaks through Regan, and the teen he says is downright vulgar. There's mom and dad Greg Kinnear and Toni Collettewhose marriage is in turmoil. Brother Dwayne Paul Dano is selectively mute. Uncle Frank Steve Carell is depressed. Grandpa Alan Arkin was kicked out of a nursing home for famous behavior. If you've seen the picture, you know that the big finale finds Olive nude the stage for the talent portion of the competition.