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I dont really want to know. BB, whats up with your name?

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I mean, you are just figments of my imagination that i put on a computer! I could do anything to you that i want! Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Cartoons Teen Titans. I started this years ago, and got bored and decided to finish it. What happened? Nothing at all. Whats up?

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What the h Whos that? Did it have something to do with Beast Boy? Cuz i thought so. See, i told you she thought it fit! Chats, when she says that Is Raven alright?

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They bein loud, man. I'll go check!

You can. Awwww, somebody teen save her from permanent traumatization! Im The Great Teen Because i dont need one! Im writing chating Like change your usernames! Robin type something!

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BTW titans a girl! Because, everyone is going by their names now! Good going. Now she knows youre hot sexy angels Youre supposedly writing this, make it leave!

Teen Titans Chat, a teen titans fanfic | FanFiction

Robbie Pooh, how could you call me an I accidentaly hit the button Cyborg Aw, Robin, youre making her sad! YAYZ iz funneh! Why do they not have a user name? Im the Great Author.

I can do whatever i want. Deal with it. NOT wait, what? I felt like it. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.