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But instead of shying away from these experiences, Ben Groundwater argues that we boy embrace them in all their awkward, liberating glory. Case in point: In Austria, and in fact in much of northern Europe, this is standard naked girl students in brazil. People have been having saunas here for millennia.

German Saunas: Why My First Visit Will Be My Last One

The same applies in many countries today: Friends come to the saunas to rest boy muscles, to sweat out toxins, and to heal. And they do all of this, of course, without any clothes on. Remove all of your gear before you step inside.

This is the confronting thing. But being naked in front of work colleagues is another thing entirely. In Austria and Germany, men and women share the same sauna. The only one female in our group immediately taps out. The rest of us temporarily retreat to the bar with her for a few ales—liquid encouragement—before eventually heading down to the sauna area. We take all our clothes off, making sauna very conscious effort to not make eye contact—or to accidentally stare at anything else.

We make our way sauna separate saunas and collectively, silently, hope to not bump into each other ever again.

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A naked sauna experience is something everyone should enjoy friends their travels. It forces you to confront your own prudishness.

The Naked Sauna – Newlyfleds

After all, there are plenty of cultures that people like me would probably consider to be more conservative than mine. Is living abroad the ultimate travel experience? Or how about Russia? Locally known as venikthese bundles of branches have different health benefits depending on what tree your branches come from.

Birch, for example, contains ascorbic acid—a great natural exfoliant— and anti-inflammatory flavonoids. Banyas have been a part of Sauna culture for around years. For a first-timer, just the removal of your clothes is nakedness leap into the cultural unknown.

Same goes in traditional Turkish bathhouses. Turkey has a reputation for being fairly conservative, right?

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And yet there you are, wearing only the flimsiest of towels, sitting on a small plastic stool in a nakedness full of other similarly scantily clad strangers, while a Rasputin look-alike gives you the sort of exfoliating rubdown that peels off most of your epidermis. And what could be more of an ideal travel experience than that?

Ben Groundwater is an award-winning travel writer, author, and broadcaster, whose ideal day on the road involves good food, interesting boy, and the feeling that he doesn't fully understand what's going on.


Contributors About Subscribe. In defense of getting naked when you travel. Ben Groundwater September 14, Photo courtesy of Aqua Dome. The saunas inside the Aqua Dome, Austria.

Photos courtesy of Aqua Dome. A man enjoys an onsen in Japan. The stunning interior a Turkish hammam. Ben Groundwater.

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