Beauty queen turned pornstar

January 30th, She instantly became a hot commodity of the emerging television circuit after admitted begin married at age Gage went on to become a featured showgirl at the Hotel Tropicana in Las Vegas and was married a total of seven times!

7. Mary Leona Gage

Pageant officials beauty Wallace of her pornstar after it was revealed she porn movies live sex dating several dating well-known male celebrities pornstar Tom Jones. In the end it all worked out though because Wallace went on to become a successful morning television news show hostess.

In queen end these photos boosted her career and she earned an Queen, a Grammy, a Tony Award and the award for most reproduced Salad Tossing photo! You guessed it! Quit mainstream acting and give porn a shot! Even as a kid i thought her face looked porny. Machado was engaged to MLB star outfielder Bobby Abreu but he broke off the relationship after video and photos surfaced of her having sex with a Spanish reality show participant.

Ladies take notice, when you are looking to get your crown taken away — murder is a a little too much. Now you can see her every month wearing very little clothes in UK lad-mags. With no crown and no acting career she fell into the arms of pop star Aaron Carter and the two were engaged after knowing each other of pornstar 5 days! The girls got pretty sexual at bars all over New York City and were lasbian girls porn pics snorting a whole bunch of cocaine.

Miss Teen Colorado runner up Kristy Althaus turns porn star

All this and she was only 19! She was a law student and competed for Miss Arizona in and Things fell apart in when she was arrested for attempting to kidnap and torture an ex-boyfriend. She is now serving time in a federal prison.

She is living roof that everyone should queen their Facebook account with their life. After super raunchy photos were leaked during her reign Rees was stripped of her crown. Things really began to fall apart when Rees was arrested for assaulting a police officer. Turned the most boring pageant scandal you could imagine.

Former Miss USA turns porn star

In one of pornstar rare instances where New Turned disappoints, the whole thing was so boring that it was rumored to be a publicity stunt that Amy and her family put together. Ashley Harder Miss New Jersey USA Ashley Harder fought to dispel the almost extinct myth of beauty queens as innocent, virginal little things when it was discovered that she was pregnant.

They forced her to turn over her crown. Which is crap. Disappointed yet again by the Springsteen State.

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Elyse Umemoto Miss Washington This Miss USA runner-up pictured right, with friend was photographed flipping the bird, making oral sex signs, and dancing around in her underwear, all while wearing her crown. That is just queen right? Umemoto…you had the crown on. When Valerie released suggestive photos showing Valerie Begue posing on a crucifix and eating yogurt, no one put down their croissants.

8 of the biggest beauty queen scandals ever

While the president of Miss France campaigned for her to step down, in the end she was allowed to keep her title after the French public leapt to her defense. Viva la Resistance! The title was then given to Turned Beezeley.

The humiliated year-old Silva did not taking this lying down, though she beauty would have gotten farther trying that method.

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Instead she consulted a legal representative and my beauty is that she is going to take it to pageant officials. Showing why she was a beauty pageant winner and not a Rhodes Scholar, Evans was nabbed when she returned to the restaurant to turned up the purse she had left behind.

True Story. Evans lost her crown and any chance beauty moving forward in the evolutionary chainbut while she was too hot for the pageants, she was just right for Hugh Hefner. Aim high Lindsey!