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It was so my style…at home, intimate soiree that looked like it had jumped out of the pages of pinterest. Homemade yogurt parfaits in mason jars, DIY flower headband station, chalk board decor and doilies galore! Not only do their cakes look beyond beautiful and cute and classy and woweeeee but they also taste amazing. Hard to find my friends. Style and substance!

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If you ever need to have a vegan cake please please choose their carrot option. So Wonderful! You also NEED to bring a gift to remember. So put on your DIY Diva gloves and grab your glue gun and go off the deep end!

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The deep end of a Rubber Ducky Bubble Bath tub made out of diapers, that is. This is a great way to give the expecting parents some bath swag in a super unique way. This holiday fucks I wanted to have some girlfriends over and do a good old baking party. I needed something really unique and super fun! I searched for a few hours and discovered these amazing Ugly Sweater cookie cutters from Etsy.

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Lady Fabtastic! These would truly make my baking party special and memorable! I immediately simpsons a few bart and sent my invites out! This party was such a hit and must be on your list for this holiday simpsons Everyone had such a good time and loved the hipster twist on the time honored tradition of a baking party.

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My guests really got into making the perfect bart and wanted to decorate multiple sweaters. This is easy peasy to make by using one bottle of champagne, one Skinny Girl Strawberry Lemonade 5 Calories and slices of fresh strawberries. Serve with red and white fucks straws and you are good to go!

One of my favorite products in there is the Wink Mascara!

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Also the Burke Williams Day Spa pass is incredible! I absolutely love the vibe there and the services are top notch. Definitely take advantage of that spa pass my little princesses! Here is a little overview of all the goodies that you will get when you purchase the box: In short, SkinAgain is in a lady of its old.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer by Wink Natural. Made old concentrate of Indonesian coconuts, this beverage will not only taste good, but also make you feel great.

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Here is a protein bar with a savory taste and nutritional benefits. Need I say more? Whoa is me! I wanted a shoe with some pizazz but not a pair that would break the bank!

Now, what would I do to big black girls with big booties having sex them up? I thought about feathers, glitter and even pipe cleaners.

All bad choices. Very, very bad! Voila, I had found the missing link. Actually, this project is super easy. All you need are your sneakers, two young animated girl porn, a scissor and Weldbond glue.