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Thread Tools Thread Tools. Jul 27, Messages: Male Sexual Orientation: Recently, I've been trying anal masturbation and it's like the most amazing feeling.

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The only masturbation is I can't seem to get very far in. I was in the shower today and since I had soap on my hands I decided to see how far I could go, and I got it in farther than I ever have. I think I got almost my whole finger in. But I'm not always going to be in the shower when I masturbate, so any tips? Oh and safety tips would be good too since I kinda just started this.

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Oct 15, Messages: They make toys specifically for anal masturbation. Nov 16, Messages: Montreal Gender: I wouldn't advise using soap as a lubricant. In shower, even saliva will work better. You can find personal lube in pharmacy for very cheap and they will help to be able to play outside of shower and in shower. Also if you can't buy a toy because of your black clip naked teen, stick to fingers.

Yeah I've been using my fingers because I don't want to stick weird foreign object up there. I'm old enough to buy a toy I think I'm 19but I can't drive so there's no way for me to buy naked fuck slow fuck. I couldn't order one online because I live with my parents and have no idea I'm not straight.

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You could probably get it delivered to a PO box so they don't know about it. Even me living with my mother who know I'm how, I wouldn't want her to know I just received a toy.

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So I do it with a PO box. Mostly said age because some members are too young to order things online or get their room inspected by their parents so hiding a toy isn't a possibility. But anw if you stick with your fingers.

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And I started mostly in the shower as well. Not all of your masturbation sessions must be anal. Just do it in shower for now if you can't buy the things to make it in your room easily.

Like getting 3 fingers in easily. Also if you do it in your room with lube, put a towel under you. Ok I guess Anal have to buy lube? Well you don't have to, But for outside of shower play, it would be advisable.

Just lube will make it feel better. I understand it might not be possible to buy a toy but you won't regret buying some lube, trust me. Sep 9, Messages: Georgia Gender: